Roll of Thunder, Here I Ramble...

After following Poppy Dinsey on Twitter for over a year and enjoying her refreshing sense of humour and fashion blog where she posted a picture of her daily outfit in a bid to make more of an effort with her wardrobe, I was thrilled to see she has now built an empire. What I Wore Today is a website where anyone can create an account and post pictures of their outfit each day. You can tag the clothes with their brand name, give other outfits gold stars, get fashion inspiration and generally put your style out there.

I’m no fashionista and actually loathe clothes shopping, unless it goes well. I thought that creating my account on WIWT would be the perfect opportunity to take a leaf out of Poppy’s book and make an effort to wear different outfits each day and branch out & try different styles. Some may say that it’s just another social networking website that feeds off our obscene vanity and need to validated by gold stars and complimentary comments but why the hell not? You wear your clothes to be seen by others, otherwise you’d be wear a freakin ball gown on pyjama/hangover Sundays wouldn’t you?

I say sign up and start uploading your little works of art :)